kennel SAO "Sary Shaitan"
The "Sary Shaitan" kennel CAO (Central Asiia Shepherd dog, Alabay, Sredneaziatskaya Ovcharka) puppies, sired by Champions. Life-long consulting, all possible help in upbringing and training, professional handling, participating in dog shows.

The owner of kennel
Abramov Peter Н.
Russia, Moscow



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The nursery has moved to Moscow
of ph.: 8-926-522-39-25

Dear fans (amateurs) SAO!

I long time had no opportunity of access in the Internet and e-mail.
Now this opportunity has appeared. I shall be glad to dialogue with you.
Since this day I shall fill up regularly the site.

Now in nursery three winners of an exhibition "Eurasia" different years,
Some champions of Russia and other countries.
Available puppies from five females, more than 30 puppies of various age and colour.

For owners of dogs and their pupils acquired on nursery, the following services are stipulated:

1. Life care of your pupil.
2. The help in selection of the puppy.
3. The help in cultivation and education of the puppy.
4. Hotel for dogs for the period of departure of their owner.
5. Veterinary services.
6. Services of the instructor in training
( a rate of obedience, the general(common) rate of training, a zaschitno-guard duty, individual work in-home).
7. Services hendler
( preparation for exhibitions and participation in exhibitions, individual work in-home).
8. Services of a livestock specialist.
9. Zootaxi.
7. For members of club preferential rest on конно-tourist base "Slobodino"
( 40 kms from Moscow, hire of horses, horse campaigns, a bath with pool, hotel, cafe).

Yours faithfully, Abramov Peter Н.
The owner of kennel SAO "Sary Shaitan", Russia, Moscow

tel.: +7-926-522-39-25

Kibir Sary Shaitan
that was the name of one of the most famous representatives of SAO (the Dog-breeders' Society).

Peter Abramov, Kibir's owner, announced to us the sad news about Kibir's death of a disease early this year.

Kibir took the first prize in the contest "Pride of Russia" during "Yevraziya" competition in 1999, thus having become the best not only among his breed, but, on the whole, among the representatives of the entire country. Kibir's presence used to be a great occasion in any dog show, whether in Moscow, Milan or Chalyabinsk. Kibir was huge of size, his hair had the colour of fire, he had the pace of lion and was endowed with outstanding, somehow ancient, beauty. Perhaps that is how his legendary ancestors looked like.

Now it is only for us to cherish hope that the precious blue blood of this unique representative of the breed will be passed on to and saved by the owners of Kibir's descendants, in the first place, in one of the best SAO nurseries of Russia, "Sary Shaitan" in Chelyabinsk.

"Kot i Pjos" newspaper editorial, January 2001

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